The Easiest Way to Get Online Reviews from Offline Customers

Thx Page is the most simple and effective way to point offline customers to your favorite online review platforms.

Online Reviews Are Modern-Day Currency

Over 90% of today’s consumers admit that online reviews effect their purchasing decisions— making them one of the most powerful forms of advertising.

72% of customers won’t take action before they read some reviews.

My Testimonial Engine

A single business review can lift its conversions by 10%.


84% of consumers report at least some level of trust with online reviews.


Potential Customers are Comparing You to Your Competition

When looking for a product or service, today’s customers compare online before ever making a decision. This makes online reviews the biggest factor in the purchasing decision.

Offline Businesses Struggle Getting Online Reviews

In an offline business it’s hard to give customers an easy way to leave you a review without asking them to jump through hoops and search for you online. This barrier means that you’ll have less customers willing to take the time to leave a review.

What if Pointing them to Your Review Platforms Was Easy?

Imagine if you could easily tell your customers how to access all your online reviews in one sentence that was easy to remember and simple to do. Instantly you’d have more 5-star reviews that lead to more new business.


We make collecting online reviews easy for offline businesses!

We give you a simple system that makes it easy for customers to go directly to any of your online review platforms!

Here's How it Works


We setup an easy to remember web address that you can share with your customers in-person or over the phone eliminating the need to send them “instructions” how to get to your reviews.


On your new web address we deploy your very own Thx Page—  a simple mobile-first design that links directly to any and all of your online review platforms.


You share your new web address with happy customers who now have no trouble leaving you 5-star reviews because you’ve made it so easy and convenient.

Get Started Today

Getting your Thx Page online is easy and costs less than $1 a day!

An Ongoing Strategy to Boost Social Proof

If your business isn’t consistency receiving fresh reviews, you are likely losing customers who are looking for your products or services. Did you know that 77% of customers don’t trust reviews that are more than 4 months old? Soliciting reviews has to become an ongoing part of your marketing strategy.

Thx Page makes asking for reviews easy!


Easy to Remember & Share

Customer’s won’t have to search for a place to leave reviews, you’ll have an easy-to-remember address to point them to.


Connects to All Platforms

Thx Page connects to any of your review platforms making it a ‘central hub’ to point customers wherever your reviews have the most value.


User Friendly

The mobile-first approach is perfect for consumers who now spend more time online using their phone than any other device.



No long contracts here! Your Thx Page is a month to month contract and you can cancel at any time (but we don’t think you’ll want to!).

See a Real Example

thanks, thx page!

Local Roofer Loves Thx Page!

By implementing the Thx Page system, he can now collect reviews across multiple platforms all from! Having more (and better) reviews helps him stand above his competition and even improves his rankings in the search engines!

77% of users would leave a review if asked.


thanks, thx page!

Local Roofer's Reviews Up Over 476%!

After implementing a Thx Page, Granbury roofing company GAL-TECH Roofing saw their number of reviews jump by 476% in the first month alone! This pushed their Google listing to the top of the page and increased the amount of free traffic to their website!

thanks, thx page!

Rising Above The Competition!

Though OGAL Web Design operates online, their Thx Page has cemented their top spot in Google, giving them 18 times the number of reviews as their closet competitor due to the ease of use. The choice is clear!

Get Your Own Thx Page Today!

A simple system that makes it easy for customers to go directly to any of your online review platforms!

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